i'm a little teacup
DISCLAIMER: Nothing owned, unless otherwise stated or sourced out at the bottom of a post.

okay, fine. 95-liner (born on the date after your greasy diva), that's it. loljk. intp. part-moira and part-park ruwee don't you even get in the way. redundant. taurus. incoherent. self-proclaimed writer. disorganized.

i've got too many addictions to mention, but my blog screams asian and barbie is beautiful and this blog's really just super multi-fandom international and whatever floats my boat. i am pro-gay, pro-(whatever-you're-not-for), problem?

also, yup, i write fics for those asking and i'm not about to tell you what pseudonym i go by, but i would if you go off anon. don't worry, i really don't bite. maybe.

ask right here and check out my 'what I really really like' page! :)

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