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Immigrant children,
They say you’re unworthy of
Either country’s blood.

Immigrant children,
Don’t believe them - you’re simply
Strong enough for two.

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Dreams would be much more fun if they were multi-player servers that other sleeping people could join.

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exo’s hobbies and interests are slowly infiltrating their booked jobs.

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God doesn’t do anything because He -has- to do it. He forgives you because that’s what He wants to do. He loves you and draws you near because it pleases Him to do so. Do not be fooled, God is not reluctantly merciful. —Unka Glen (unkaglen.tumblr.com)




1. “unconditional love”; divine love; love that is spiritual in its nature; love without limitation.

2. New Testament: charitable, selfless, altruistic, and unconditional love; the covenant love of God for humans, as well as the human reciprocal love for God; love for humanity.

Etymology: from Classical Greek: ἀγάπη, agápē; Modern Greek: αγάπη.  Not to be confused with agape1.

[Hana Jang - Ash Tree & Girl with Ashman]

Huang Zitao in Zhang Liyin “AGAPE” MV

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6 Types of Love

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Alison Fennell


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He always seemed to be fumbling his way through everything. But I really did love him.

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